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Whether you’re a first time home buyer or a tenured real estate investor, Gordon James Realty has a dedicated team for your every need.

  1. We listen to your specific wants and needs

    Being able to listen to and accurately interpret a client’s needs is a skill that has been refined and perfected by Gordon James. It is all too easy for realtors to assume what a client needs and then proceed haphazardly into working towards a half-baked result. To successfully hit milestones and achieve the goals our clients have, Gordon James will feel more like an experienced investment partner than a realtor.

  2. Partner with our investor team or residential team

    Gordon James believes finding and purchasing an investment property should be a much different process than buying a family home- that’s why we dedicate an experienced team that is specifically suited for either scenario. And whether you’re purchasing your first home or your fourth investment property, our team of luxury real estate agents are equipped with unmatched local expertise and the latest market data to provide you with a superior real estate experience.

  3. Non-stop, endless searching

    Many buyers are educated enough to know that they have multiple sites at their disposal to be able to search for properties that may pique their interest. That said, many of the best properties for both investors and families may not even be on the market yet. With ties to development, investor, and real estate communities, Gordon James always has more listings to offer buyers than what’s just available to the public. Giving our clients an advantage above the competition.

  4. Humble experts

    Although Gordon James is considered to be the brokerage office to select when it comes to partnering with realtors that are just as equally knowledgeable about property buying as they are investing, our core value is to be humble, speak in terms universally understood and always take time to go the extra mile in explaining ourselves, so our clients easily digest the matter.

  5. A consistent sense of urgency

    Every second counts when it comes to finding properties, putting in offers, and closing on the sale in a timely manner. Gordon James implements the most current technology to ensure no matter where you are in the property buying journey, we’re always executing on the next step for you.

  6. Experienced team to negotiate on behalf

    With over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate market, Gordon James Realty prides itself on its reputation of being able to deliver above expectations for each and every client we take on.

  • 29 Days

    Average time from start to close.

  • 15 Hours

    Average time for clients to fully understand the Gordon James difference.

  • 45 Minutes

    Average time to submit a new offer.

  • 0 %

    When clients sign with us, they stay with us.

Consultative approach to buying.

Gordon James takes a data driven approach to help clients buy a commercial, rental, or owner occupied property. Using our vast proprietary database along with public market data, rest assured you will have the information to make an informed, educated decision.

  • Why Choose Gordon James?
  • Investor buyers
  • Commercial buyers
  • First time home buyers

Why Choose Gordon James?

Our customized approach, responsiveness and expertise mean you can relax and reap the rewards of buying your property with a brokerage you can trust. When you partner with Gordon James, you put yourself in a position to maximize the profit of your purchase, while buying it at the fastest pace possible.

Investor buyers

Whether you’re considering purchasing a multiunit complex for immediate rental, buying a home now with the idea of selling it a few years or profiting from the purchase of a fixer-upper that can be resold at a much higher price, Gordon James specializes in all investment scenarios.

Commercial buyers

The first step in purchasing commercial real estate is knowing yourself, your situation, and what you’re looking for. At Gordon James, we help you answer every question with confidence, from what kind of property you’re looking for to how you plan to use the building, and even how you may plan to partner with other investors in the purchase.

First time home buyers

Being a first-time home buyer is exciting! But we know it can also feel overwhelming—especially when you see homes being purchased for more than you expected and available homes flying off the market in just three weeks.

With real estate trends like these, you might be tempted to make an impulsive purchase that could hurt your financial goals and keep you paying a mortgage well into retirement. At Gordon James, we refuse to let this happen to you. Speak with us today to learn more about our process and why so many first time home buyers trust Gordon James with this honor.

Explore why buyers partner with us
At Gordon James, a customized plan is created for each individual client.
  • Let’s talk

    Meet with one of our top producing realtors to discover what a partnership with Gordon James looks like for you.

  • Never settle

    It’s a common mistake for property buyer’s to select an inexperienced realtor that’s a friend of a friend. Let Gordon James show you the difference that comes with partnering with a real estate expert.

  • Data driven approach

    Most realtors will tell you how they “feel about the market.” With Gordon James, we let the market speak for itself and consult with actual data instead of dramatic guesswork.

  • Inspection experts

    Given our extensive network of contractors and vendors, Gordon James Realty always provides insightful feedback to buyers, recommending how to evaluate inspections at every angle.

  • Well oiled realty machine

    We have both the technology and team that never stops working for you. Have anything else in mind that we can do to better serve you? Just ask!

  • Get the most out of your purchase

    We never lose sight of our number one priority: surpass expectations with our service and ensure our clients get the best rate possible for their dream property.

  • Painless transaction

    Gordon James uses the latest technology to expedite and minimize the process of form filling.

  • Buy in Mint Condition by Gordon James

    We have a carefully vetted network of vendors and contractors available to provide high-quality service at a low price. Our team of highly skilled contractors handles renovations large and small.

  • Always working

    We make sure to constantly check every major home listing service and marketing channel to always ensure we present every opportunity available to buyers that partner with us.

We take pride in making the process to start a relationship a simple one.

Let’s talk.