We deliver the personalized property management services you need, not one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our customized approach, responsiveness and expertise mean you can relax and reap the rewards of your investments, confident that we’re taking care of everything else. Why Work With Gordon James Realty? We’re different, but that’s a good thing. Here’s why:

  • Partners in Property Management – We think of our clients as partners, and great partnerships begin with mutual understanding. Before we offer our expertise, we prefer to hear about your needs. Are you moving away from the area? Do you own multiple properties? Or maybe you’re short on time to handle tenant screenings, juggle maintenance requests, and ensure compliance with nuanced local property laws. Whether you need us to take the reins completely or consult with you every step of the way, we are committed to personalizing a management strategy that fits your situation and goals. We’re here to be your information source, investment protector, and partner in property management.
  • Protecting and Maximizing your Investment is our Priority – When we talk about protecting your investment, we aren’t just referring to rent collection (although our online portal does allow you to get your payments quickly and efficiently). Rather, we’re referring to the strategic way we manage properties. Everything we do –  whether it’s our proactive maintenance, thorough tenant background screening, aggressive property marketing, or our exceptional responsiveness to tenants – is about ensuring your property is appreciating and filled with considerate tenants paying a competitive price to live there.
  • Total Transparency – Access your rental property information anywhere at any time. With Gordon James Realty’s cloud-based online owner portal, you can log into your personalized account 24/7. Instantly access your:
    • Tenant work orders
    • Income and expense statements
    • 1099 form

    In addition to viewing important documents, you can submit questions to Gordon James Realty directly through the portal. And the best part? Once tax season rolls around, you won’t have to waste time organizing and preparing your property’s financial statements. Simply provide your accountant with a login for access to all of your real estate finance information in the portal.

  • Reach us by Phone, Email, or Online – Good communication is key to great partnerships, and Gordon James Realty makes it easy for you to reach us by phone, email, or through our online portal. We deliver the same high level of customer service to a client emailing us from overseas as we do for a Washington, D.C. client calling us from around the corner.
    We don’t pester you with day-to-day property management concerns. We have those covered. But, when you need or want individual attention, you’ll hear from Gordon James Realty right away.
  • Things Happen, Circumstances Change – We go the extra mile to keep clients satisfied. In fact, Gordon James Realty’s 100 percent retention rate far exceeds the industry average. However, if after 60 days you are not completely satisfied with our services, you can opt out.
  • Masters With a Management Focus – At Gordon James Realty, we devote all our resources and expertise to property management. While some of our competitors also concentrate on buying, selling, and developing real estate, our team of licensed professionals focuses exclusively on providing superior management of your property.
    However, we do have knowledgeable real estate agents on staff if you decide to sell your property or buy additional investments. That being said, we never require that our clients use Gordon James Realty agents for sales.
  • Selectivity Helps us Succeed – Marketing properties, screening tenants, handling repairs, and helping owners get a return on their investment requires a lot of time and resources. In order to do it right, we can’t accept every client.
    We make sure your property is a good fit and located within .2 miles of one of our properties in Washington D.C., Northern Virginia, or Maryland. This allows us to respond to tenants in a day or less, and that responsiveness makes for better property managers as well as happier tenants and owners.
  • Reputable Maintenance Staff – One of the best parts of partnering with Gordon James Realty is not having to scour the internet for trustworthy, reasonably-priced service providers or find time to coordinate maintenance work. We handle everything for you.
    We have a carefully vetted network of vendors and contractors available to provide high-quality service at a low price. And our team of in-house experts can handle regular upkeep tasks like painting, wall repair, appliance installations, light electrical work, plumbing, and cleaning.

We’re a local business – Gordon James Realty is located right in Washington, D.C., so we’re attuned to real estate trends in the capital and the surrounding Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs. We keep up with the latest laws, community developments, and neighborhoods on the rise in order to best protect and maximize your investments.