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Creating a Property Management Mobile App: Design, Features, and Usability Testing

Illsutration about the wireframe of a new property management app
June 20, 2019

As a property management company, you probably know that you need to invest time and money into creating an engaging website and a presence on social media. But today’s generation of renters and property owners are also used to having “an app for that,” making a property management mobile app for your company another important electronic tool and a great way to provide the service and convenience they desire.

An app can give owners and tenants an easy way to pay rent, check reports and transactions, and communicate with you while they’re on the go. This article will help you understand important design guidelines and features to consider as you go through the process of developing a property management mobile app for your company.

Features and Design

Before you hire a developer to build your mobile app, you may want to survey some of your current clients to gauge their interest in using a mobile app and find out what functions they’d like it to have. In addition, take stock of your preferences for function and design so you can give the developer a clear vision to execute. The more you know what you want, the smoother the process will be.

  • Think about how you want the app to look. You should incorporate branding consistency into the app’s user interface – your app should have a similar look and feel to your website and other marketing materials. Consider the color scheme you use, the company logo’s size, and other design elements, and think about how they might translate to a mobile user interface.
  • Decide which elements should be accessible from the app’s navigation bar. You’ll want to feature the functions that you think would be most useful, such as the owner portal and tenant portal. Consider including a communication or alert system that allows you to immediately notify tenants or owners about pressing issues.
  • Consider ease of use. The whole point of an app is to increase satisfaction by simplifying tasks for your clients and tenants. So, any app should be intuitive to use. Work with the developer to ensure layout and workflow make the experience a breeze, not a frustration for users.

Test Your App

The best way to evaluate the design and usability is to test the app. A private service can conduct testing, or you can recruit people to try it out and let you know what they think about how it looks and works. If you are going the informal route, make sure you have at least three to five people testing each of the major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone OS.

Collect all testing information and analyze any user challenges, making sure all the feedback includes the platform the tester used. This can help you target any layout or workflow issues, technical glitches, transaction processing challenges, and communication bottlenecks on each platform.

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