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Office Spaces To Attract and Retain Top Talent

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September 30, 2019

Well-designed office spaces can go a long way to attract and retain the best talent. What message does your office design send? Here’s some information on creating office spaces that will make a good impression.

Add Colors

According to a study from global design firm Hassle Studios, adding colors to an interior office design can offer a comfortable workplace and have a strong influence on a potential candidate. Research shows that adding colors promotes happiness, energy, and productivity among employees. You may want to incorporate colors into:


Colors can also be used to provide way-finding throughout your office space and can designate quadrants or zones.

Collaborative Spaces

Research confirms that open, collaborative work zones and breakout spaces are popular office design trends. According to a report by building product manufacturer Johnson Control, forty-one percent of millennials seek team spaces, and 32 percent prefer breakout spaces rather than conventional meeting rooms and cubicles. Incorporating these spaces will give the impression that your company encourages employees to collaborate, create, socialize, and take breaks. These spaces include:

Commons areas
Spacious meeting rooms
Kitchen areas
Huddle rooms
Lounge and soft-seating areas
Meditation spaces and “mindfulness” zones
Quiet private rooms

You could furnish these spaces with:

Brightly-colored tables
Colorful, soft couches and lounge chairs
Countertops and bar stools
Flat-screen televisions
Ping-pong and air hockey tables
Bean bags

Be Tech-Savvy

Seamlessly integrating technology will help with recruiting and retaining talent. Millennials, in particular, are accustomed to technology at their fingertips and will be drawn to the notion of working for a tech-savvy firm, which should offer

Faster computers
Higher Internet speeds
Wi-Fi for mobility

Open campus

If you own the building, create an open, green campus environment to provide spaces where employees can interact, enjoy lunch, work, and hold meetings (ensure reliable Wi-Fi). You could consider:

Landscaping and gardens
Rooftop terraces
Walking trails

Go Green

Using and promoting sustainable design materials will send a positive message that the company values the environment. Consider incorporating sustainable practices such as:

Minimizing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in paints, adhesives, solvents, carpets, and wood
Sustainable hardwood floors
Energy-efficient HVAC systems
Windows to maximum natural light
Reducing noise levels
Removing clutter

A colorful, collaborative, tech-savvy, and sustainable office will make a strong statement about your company culture and help attract and keep top talent.

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