Commercial Property Management

Gordon James Realty gives your commercial property the attention it needs, allowing you to maximize the value of your investment.

  1. Maximize occupancy rates

    Maintaining high occupancy is a key focus for all commercial property clients Gordon James partners with. Whether it’s an office park, office building, retail space or another type of commercial property, we’ll discuss client goals and create a customized, data-driven marketing plan that positions your property as a top choice in your market. Once new tenants are solidified, we’ll handle all negotiation and lease details on the client’s behalf, protecting investor interests every step of the way and ensuring they get the most from their property. We’ll also handle lease renewals to ensure investors maintain a high retention level, while maximizing rents.

  2. Streamlining property management

    As a commercial property owner, one of the top priorities is maximizing the profitability of the property. We’ll work together to understand investor goals, then develop an execute a management plan that allows investors to keep costs down, while keeping tenants happy. We’ll handle all aspects of commercial property management, from routine building maintenance to budget management, and everything in between. Investors can rest easy knowing the day-to-day tasks involved in operating your commercial property are in trusted hands.

  3. Helping clients grow their commercial real estate portfolio

    There are many factors to consider when adding a new property to your commercial real estate portfolio, including price, location and use. Gordon James Realty has experience acquiring various types of commercial properties across Washington D.C, Virginia, and Maryland. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the DC area — along with the latest market data — to help investors identify and acquire properties that fit their goals. We’ll serve as a trusted partner throughout the acquisition process, ensuring investors find the right property — and get the most from their investment.

  4. Investing

    The investment strategy for commercial real estate is simple: there is inherent demand for real estate in a given area. Investors purchase the property and make money in two ways: first, by leasing the property and charging tenants rent in exchange for use of the property; and second by appreciation in the value of the property over time. On top of that, when investors combine their investment with commercial property management through Gordon James, they can save thousands every year, maximizing their R.O.I.

  5. Better commercial partners make for smarter investing

    Gordon James has a vast and vetted network of experienced commercial investors that have operated both independently and jointly in their commercial investments. And nearly all of them will tell you how essential networking with other local, national, and international commercial property investors is for being successful in this industry. When investors partner with Gordon James, they join this exclusive network of investors that can help grow their portfolio faster and more securely.

  6. Knowledge is our competitive advantage

    The commercial property specialists at Gordon James partner with industry professionals to provide expert advice on tax advantages, cash flow opportunities, favorable financing rates, and strategies on discovering the best upcoming commercial property sales before they even become public. When investors partner with Gordon James, we constantly share our findings and knowledge with investors, whether it’s through newsletters or casual conversations at coffee shops, we believe smarter clients make for savvier investors.

  • 365 Days

    Investors connect seamlessly to their dashboard through our online portal.

  • 48 Hours

    Receive a management proposal in less than 24 hours.

  • 60 Minutes

    Average response time to commercial partners.

  • 100 %

    Real time access to investment portfolio.

Commercial property is valuable, and so is our client’s time.

Gordon James Realty invests the hours, care and skill required to manage commercial properties and maximize returns, so our clients can spend their time elsewhere.

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Why Choose Gordon James?

Gordon James Realty pairs our expertise in commercial property management with the latest technology to help investors effectively minimize costs and maximize value. Our customized approach, responsiveness and expertise mean investors can focus on growing their commercial investment portfolio, while turning over the day-to-day tasks to us.

We combine time-tested commercial management methods with leading-edge, secure technology to deliver proven services that ensure investors commercial investments runs like an efficient, effective business. With this technology, we always keep up with the latest trends in commercial investing and find better opportunities for investors than competitors that use the same databases.

Commercial Property Management

In today’s complex real estate markets, selecting the right commercial property management firm is one of the most important decisions investors can make. With Gordon James, investors get a property management company they can rely on that is competent, professional and one that can safeguard their investment and keep their tenants happy.

Who We Serve

Gordon James Realty provides comprehensive commercial real estate management services throughout the Washington, DC area. We provide tailored solutions to meet the needs of all types of commercial properties, including office parks and buildings, industrial properties, and retail spaces.


In order to efficiently serve investors, we utilize a versatile online portal that provides flexibility and real-time data. Investors will have special access to monitor and manage the outstanding priority items, unit owner account statements, resident/vendor contact, and the rental list directly from the portal. These list views can be exported as PDF documents or Excel spreadsheets.

The platform offers the ability to communicate between the Board and the managing agent regarding specific maintenance or administrative items while allowing external documents to be uploaded for archiving the historical data. It also provides the notification function that allows the Board to send out building-wide or exclusive unit-owner notices and updates directly from the portal. Important documents can be stored on the portal for all unit owners to access at any time. Additionally, we send out an automatic notification letter to delinquent owners, which are saved and used when the association forwards the account to collections.

Explore our services
From budget support to recurring and special maintenance, we’ve got you covered.
  • Contract Analysis

    Contracts are important — but often complicated. We review investor’s existing and new contracts and suggest changes, when needed, to ensure contracts are written in the best interest of investor’s commercial investment.

  • Hiring & Training

    Assist investor’s with hiring on site staff- including drafting job descriptions, interviewing, screening perspective candidates, administering offer letters. We provide the investor with on going support and training and supervision for on site personnel.

  • Acquisitions

    Gordon James Realty has experience acquiring various types of commercial properties across the Washington, DC area. We leverage our extensive knowledge of the DC area — along with the latest market data — to help investors identify and acquire properties that fit your goals.

  • Management Transition

    If investors have an existing management company, we’ll work with them to provide a seamless transition. Our team will connect with investor’s current managers to obtain all necessary data and historical documents to archive or use for daily operations.

  • Budget Support

    Board members have access to the online portal all all times, which allows you to see real-time updates on recurring and special projects. You can also access a prioritized list of what tasks need to be completed.

  • Recurring Maintenance

    A recurring maintenance schedule is key to maintaining the value and quality of the investor’s investment. Our flexible online portal houses recurring maintenance information to ensure investors and the managing agent stay on top of necessary, time sensitive maintenance issues.

  • Issue Resolution

    Nearly all investors are faced with occasional issues related to common element maintenance or violation incidents. Gordon James Realty assists investors in navigating these complex issues to ensure they’re resolved in accordance with your due process.

  • Project Management

    Investors have access to the online portal all all times, which allows them to see real-time updates on recurring and special projects. Investors can also access a prioritized list of what tasks need to be completed.

  • Emergency Repair Assistance

    Our team responds promptly to all requests including emergencies, 24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays.

We take pride in making the process to start a relationship a simple one.

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