Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or an experienced investor, we’ll personalize a property management plan that meets your needs and helps you generate the most value possible from your property.


Our experienced team manages all aspects of the property management lifecycle for you -
from marketing and drafting a lease to maintenance and administration.



People hire property managers for all different reasons, but people partner with Gordon James because they know we will protect their investment and treat their property as if it was our name on the deed.



Owning a property can be confusing and overwhelming at times. We continuously update our resource center to provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable as a landlord.



Don’t hesitate to find out firsthand what makes Gordon James Realty one of the leading property management firms in the Washington, D.C. metro area.


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Gordon James Realty is a full service, residential property management company serving Washington D.C and Northern Virginia. We use our property management expertise, the latest technology, and superior customer service skills to provide a stress-free owner experience. With Gordon James Realty, you can maximize the financial benefits of owning property, without the burden of handling the complicated and time consuming management tasks that come with it.

When you’re a do-it-yourself landlord, collecting rent checks isn’t the only responsibility you have to deal with every month. Landlords are occasionally blindsided by big issues like misbehaving tenants, major repairs, and unexpected vacancies. And that’s to say nothing of the small annoyances they get bombarded with on a regular basis - coordinating move-ins, inspections, hiring contractors, tedious paperwork. Fortunately, taking care of issues big and small is what we focus on at Gordon James Realty.

We can make it so your role as a landlord actually is just about those monthly rent checks. See how our team of experts can help you with:

  • Marketing and Leasing
  • Inspections and Maintenance
  • Accounting and Collections
  • Financial Reporting


The latest from our resource center

  • The Landlord Guide Series (Part 3): How Much Rent to Charge

    Once your property is ready for tenants, you have to figure out what those tenants will be willing to spend to live there and how much rent to charge. Settling on a good number is key. Charge too little and you won’t earn all the income you could. Ask too much and the property will likely sit vacant while you miss out on rental income. Here are some strategies to consider when you determine how much to charge. Research the Market First, you have to get a feel for the market for comperable properties in your area. Study listings and units for rent locally and ask yourself the following questions …

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  • Where To Buy Your Next Property: 5 of the Hottest DC Neighborhoods for Renters

    Searching for a residential income property is overwhelming, especially in a metro area notorious for its high cost of living, transient population and glut of new apartment construction. These factors amplify the need for property owners to choose their next investments wisely. And the surest way to do this is to buy property in hot, up-and-coming neighborhoods that are in high-demand among renters. Location, location, location—yes, the aptness of this old real estate adage probably doesn’t surprise you. However, the results of a study by Onboard Informatics ranking the five hottest neighborhoods for renters and investors in D.C. might. Take the guesswork out of your next property hunt and check out why …

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  • Accounting for Property Management Companies: Implementing Financial Best Practices

    If you are starting a property management company, or if you already operate a property management business, becoming familiar with financial regulations and accounting best practices is critical. Although regulations vary by state and jurisdiction, there are several key guidelines that can help you structure the financial operations of your company in a way that ensures your compliance. 1. Establish Trust Accounts Establishing proper trust fund accounts for your property management business helps ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose. According to Propertymanager.com, misuse of trust accounts is the leading reason property management companies are audited. Experts often recommend setting up two separate trust accounts for each client: …

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  • How to Avoid Common Property Management Mistakes

    Part I Hiring a property management company should always help you minimize rental property problems. But this only works if the company has the skill and expertise to avoid common mistakes, such as being slow to make repairs, not returning phone calls promptly, or keeping poor track of funds. In the first part of our series, we discuss some common customer service and communication problems to be aware of, and ways to avoid them by finding a company with a strong track record and skilled managers. Customer Service and Responsiveness The importance of having a property management company that responds quickly, efficiently, and resourcefully to tenants and to you cannot …

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  • How to Avoid Common Fair Housing Mistakes and Discrimination Charges

    Not all housing discrimination is intentional. Landlords may not know fair housing laws or may accidentally ask a question or make a statement that violates the law. But those mistakes can lead to charges and costly fines.  To protect yourself, make sure you understand what constitutes discrimination and the seven classes, or groups, that are protected by federal anti-discrimination laws. Also learn any additional classes protected by your local laws. Under federal laws, it is illegal to choose your tenants based on race, gender, color, religion, disability, nationality or familial status.  For example, familial status protection means you can’t refuse to rent to tenants because they have children under 18. Beyond outright refusal to rent, another example …

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Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or an experienced investor, we’ll personalize a property management plan that meets your needs and helps you generate the most value possible from your property. Contact us at at 202-800-2610 to get started or REQUEST PRICING NOW

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