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5 Tips for Making Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Illustration about an small kitchen that looks super big
April 25, 2018

A small kitchen might seem like an inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be. A small cooking space and tiny countertop might present some challenges, but with smart design, your small kitchen can be stylish and efficient. There are a number of creative ways to open up the kitchen space without having to knock down walls. If you’ve got a small kitchen to deal with, consider these 5 tips to open up the room and make it appear and feel larger than it actually is:

1 – Keep Your Kitchen Well Lit – Having plenty of light flow through a space is important for any room with limited square footage. If you’re not blessed with enough windows and natural light, then you’ll definitely need a little electrical help. Lots of light provides the illusion of more space, which is exactly what you want if you don’t have room to spare. Be sure to layer your lighting in the kitchen – pendant lamps over the kitchen table, under-cabinet lighting over the countertops, and even a few pot lights spread out across the ceiling can really help to illuminate the room.

2 – Choose Small Appliances – Every little bit of space counts when you’ve got a small kitchen. At every stage of the design process, you must keep every square inch in mind, including the space used up for appliances. Instead of cramming an extra-wide refrigerator in the kitchen, consider installing one that’s smaller-scale. Go for a 24-inch deep fridge instead of a 30-inch one, for example. Making such choices can really make your small kitchen look and feel larger.

3 – Make Use of Glass – Instead of equipping your entire kitchen with solid door cabinets, consider installing glass doors instead. Glass-front doors can lighten up the look of the kitchen and provide a reflective element that helps to open up a space. Not all doors have to be glass-fronted – you can choose just a few area to use glass doors, such as the corner cabinets. Just be sure that whatever you’re storing behind those glass-front cabinet doors is neat and tidy, or you risk making your kitchen look cluttered.

4 – Point the Attention Upward – Drawing the eye upwards is one way to make a more open and airy impression. You can incorporate certain patterns and visual elements in your kitchen that will make you and your guests instinctively look up, which gives the illusion of more space. Consider patterns such as vertical stripes, and place decor accents as close to the ceiling as possible. You’d be amazed at how well such design factors work to open up your small kitchen.

5 – Don’t Forget About the Storage – The amount of counter space in a kitchen is key, especially in a small one. For this reason, you don’t want to cover all your countertops with things that can be stored and tucked away neatly. Smart storage is essential in this situation. when you’re redesigning your kitchen, go for deeper countertops that offer more workspace, and opt for pull-out cabinets under a kitchen island. Open shelving on the walls is another great way to offer storage, which also allows more light to flow into a kitchen.

You don’t have to start ripping walls down in order to solve your small kitchen design problems. With a few simple and affordable tactics, you can open up your small kitchen space, while adding sophisticated design elements at the same time!

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