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Tenant Maintenance Requests

April 22, 2021
Gordon James Realty knows a well-maintained property makes for a more comfortable, enjoyable home. We pride ourselves on quickly responding to all requests for needed repairs so your home returns to top shape quickly. We use professional, skilled contractors, and our process is geared to make having repairs done as easy and convenient as possible.

Your request is important to us. You can report non-emergency issues to us 24 hours a day using our convenient online request form.

Please follow all directions when submitting requests and provide as much information about the problem as you can, including digital pictures if applicable,  so we can more easily diagnose the problem and dispatch someone to fix it as soon as possible. The following information will also help you determine when and how to seek help for any problems you have.

IS IT AN EMERGENCY?: Does the problem pose an immediate danger to you or the home, such as fire, flood or uncontrollable water or the smell of gas? If so:

  • For emergencies with a threat of immediate danger, such as fire, call 911
  • For immediate electrical danger, call the electric company.
  • For emergencies such as backed up plumbing or flooding, submit a maintenance request immediately and call 202-800-2610 to report the problem. If necessary, call 911.
  • Loss of air conditioning is not an emergency – Gordon James Realty recognizes this is a priority item and will work with vendors to have it repaired as soon as possible.


  • Please refer to the list of possible problems and solutions in the section below to determine if a repair is actually needed.
  • Please submit a maintenance request through the online tenant portal once you are sure a repair is needed. Be sure to provide all required information. For appliances, please include the brand, model number and color for most efficient service.
  • Vendors will likely not be able to make an immediate appointment for non-emergency Your request is important, and we will work to have it completed as quickly as possible.
  • If you do not get a response within 48 hours during normal working hours, please resubmit your request and let us know that you have not heard from a vendor. Gordon James Realty will follow up with and let you know when you can expect service.
  • Be sure to contact us immediately if you are required to be at the appointment but cannot make the scheduled time. If you do not show up and have not notified us, we will charge you for the service call.
  • If you are still having problems after the repair is completed, be sure to resubmit the maintenance request and note that issues are ongoing despite recent service. A repair done within the last 60 days or pest control work within the past 30 days is considered recent. If you do not report ongoing problems, you may be responsible for the cost of any resulting damage.


  • The oven does not work. Check to see if the oven is set on “time bake” the time bake, preventing it from turning on. An oven set on time bake WILL NOT HEAT.
  • Air-conditioner does not work. In hot weather the A/C circuit circuit could become overloaded, tripping the circuit breaker. Check the breaker in the panel, being sure to turn it all the way off and back on again. Often it is difficult to see whether the breaker is tripped. You must turn the breaker all the way off to reset it  and fix  the problem.
  • Garbage disposal does not work. Check to see if the button on the bottom of the disposal needs to be reset. If something is stuck and the blades won’t rotate, you can try getting it loose with a broom handle. First, make sure the disposal is off. Then place the handle end of the broom into the disposal cavity and twist it to free the item.
  • Electrical does not work in the kitchen, bathroom or on the patio. Try pressing the test/reset button on GFCI (Ground fault interrupter) outlet.
  • Circuit breakers going off repeatedly. Make sure circuits aren’t overloaded and move excessive appliances plugged in on one circuit, including irons, microwave, toaster,  and blow dryers to try to resolve the problem.
  • Smoke alarm doesn’t work. Check and replace batteries; tenants are responsible for replacing alarm batteries. If the new battery does not work, make a maintenance request to notify us that the smoke alarm is not working. It is important to test smoke alarms regularly for your safety.



  • There is a service call and no repair is required, including a problem caused by a tripped breaker or requiring only battery replacement for smoke detectors or remote door openers.
  • The oven is on time bake but is in good working order.
  • A sewer clog was caused by tenants flushing toys, tools, diapers, rags, sanitary napkins, extensive toilet paper, etc.
  • Tenants fail to report necessary repairs and additional damage results.
  • The tenant doesn’t show up for a repair appointment and the vendor charges a service call.
  • The tenant’s pet or the tenant’s guests cause damage to the property.
  • The tenant leaves the windows or doors open during rain or wind, resulting in damage or flooding.


Please note: Online maintenance requests are only monitored during regular business hours. Under normal circumstances, you should receive a response from our office or contact from a vendor within 24-48 hours. If you do not, please email our office directly for an update. If you have an emergency after hours, please call 202-800-2610.

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