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Property Management in Washington DC: Living in the Eastern Market Area

Illustation about the map of Washington city, the eastern market area
November 5, 2018 Washington DC

This article is part of a series on the Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Washington, D.C. This article explores the Eastern Market area, with its historic homes, hot restaurants, and the namesake market that have all made it a favorite among locals. Getting a feel for the neighborhood’s demographics and appeal can help you position your property and capitalize on the demand for homes here.

Facts and Figures

The Eastern Market area’s exact boundaries are sometimes subject to debate, and the neighborhood is typically included with Capitol Hill for demographic data. Overall, Capitol Hill households are pretty evenly split between renters and owners, with a median of two people per home, according to the Washington D.C. Economic Partnership. Residents are well educated, with 82 percent having at least a bachelor’s degree and nearly half with an advanced degree, and an average household income of more than $144,000. Urban Turf offers more Eastern Market-specific housing data and describes the neighborhood as family-friendly with a European feel. InTheCapital also offers positives and negatives of living in the Eastern Market enclave of Capitol Hill.

Neighborhood Atmosphere

A large part of the Eastern Market neighborhood was built in the 19th century. The area is full of beautiful homes, which are predominantly in the Victorian or Federal styles. The community is centered around Eastern Market, a public market built-in 1873. The neighborhood appeals to various tenants with its quaint shops and restaurants and many activities for families with children. The neighborhood’s walkability allows for a car-free lifestyle, and its central location offers added convenience.

Neighborhood Features

The dining and entertainment establishments in the Eastern Market neighborhood include Rose’s Luxury, Belga Café, Acqua Al 2, Montmartre, Seventh Hill, Cava Mezze, and Ambar, among others. There is a great selection of vendors at Eastern Market, including Canales Delicatessen, Canales Quality Meats, Capitol Hill Poultry, Eastern Market Grocery, Fine Sweet Shop, Blue Iris Flowers, and Calomiris Fruits and Vegetables. Another attraction is the farmers’ market at Eastern Market, which offers fresh produce and unique culinary creations.

Major Transportation

The Eastern Market neighborhood is very walkable, and many transportation options are available to residents in the area. The Eastern Market Metro station is on the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines. Metrobus routes 30N, the 30S, 32, 34, 36, 39, 90, 92, 93, and A11 serve the area, and the D.C. Circulator also stops in the neighborhood on the Georgetown-Union Station and Union Station-Navy Yard routes.

Unique Neighborhood Events

Many distinctive and interesting events are held at Eastern Market. Some of these activities include the Eastern Market Tango Club, which meets every Thursday from 7 pm to 12:30 am, as well as boxing matches, concerts, and philanthropic events. The D.C. Public Opera also occasionally hosts events at Eastern Market. The Eastern Market space provides a great venue for fundraisers, organizational meetings, and other community events.

When selecting a property management company for your Eastern Market rental home, make sure you hire a company with experience handling properties in Capitol Hill and Eastern Market. Local expertise will help professionals craft a leasing and management plan tailored to your property and the neighborhood to attract well-qualified tenants at competitive rents.

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