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Property Management in Washington DC: Living in Lincoln Park

Illustration about the Washington City map, the Lincoln Park neighborhood
June 25, 2018 Washington DC

This article is part of a series on the Capitol Hill neighborhoods of Washington D.C. This article profiles the Lincoln Park area’s attractions and characteristicsThe information can help you to position your investment property on the market or hire a property manager who is experienced with rental homes in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Facts and Figures

The Lincoln Park area is great for tenants who are interested in living in a safe neighborhood with access to public transportation nearby. While demographic data specific to Lincoln Park is hard to find, overall capitol Hill households are pretty evenly split between renters and owners, with a median of two people per home, according to the Washington D.C. Economic Partnership. Residents are well educated, with 82 percent having at least a bachelor’s degree and nearly half with an advanced degree, and an average household income of more than $144,000. Capitol Hill DC and The Hill Is Home offer more information on neighborhood real estate and community features.

Neighborhood Atmosphere

The Lincoln Park neighborhood is located around Lincoln Park, an urban park that was created in 1867 in the Capitol Hill area. It was initially used as a dump, but it later became the location for the Lincoln Hospital during the Civil War. Later in the 19th century, Congress authorized the dedication of the grounds as a memorial to President Lincoln, and the site has been known as Lincoln Park since that time. Today, the Lincoln Park neighborhood is a family-friendly area with a number of activities geared to families with children. The area will also appeal to prospective residents with an active lifestyle and interest in the outdoors, with multiple opportunities for running and other outdoor sports.

Neighborhood Features

The dining and entertainment selections in the neighborhood include Tortilla Café and Ninnella, among others. Eastern Market and Tunnicliff’s Tavern, Boxcar Tavern, Acqua Al 2, and The Silver Spork, along with other dining establishments are several blocks away. Residents can also go to Bowers Fancy Dairy Products to sample an assortment of cheeses, to Petite Gourmet to find unique gourmet foods, or to the USDA Farmers Market for local fruits, vegetables, and other products. Additionally, specialty items are available at the Lincoln Park Market, Urban Grocery, and Eastern Market Grocery. The neighborhood’s walkability and proximity to a variety of historic buildings in the Capitol Hill area make it a wonderful place to live for all types of residents.

Major Transportation

Lincoln Park’s transportation options allow easy access to many locations in the district. The closest Metro station to the Lincoln Park neighborhood is the Eastern Market Metro station, on the Blue, Orange, and Silver lines. Metrobus also stops near Eastern Market, including routes A11, 90, 92, 93, 30N, 30S, 32, 34, 36, and 39. The Georgetown-Union Station and Union Station-Navy Yard routes of the D.C. Circulator also serve the neighborhood.

Unique Neighborhood Events

The USDA Farmers Markett is located in the USDA parking lot, at the corner of 12th Street and Independence Avenue SW in D.C, a short walk from the center of Lincoln Park. It is held on Fridays, between 10 am and 2 pm, from June to November.

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