Whether you are an accidental landlord looking for guidance, a long-distance owner concerned about protecting your home, or an experienced property owner hoping to get out from under a mountain of management tasks, Gordon James Realty can help you maximize and protect your biggest investment while avoiding hassles and potential problems. We offer comprehensive management services to meet the needs of each owner and property, so you can enjoy the benefits of ownership without the worries.

    • Managing rental properties well takes time, energy, and resources, as well as a wealth of knowledge about local laws, market conditions and best practices. At Gordon James Realty, we leverage our management expertise to handle marketing, tenant screening, lease management, upkeep, repairs, rent collection, tenant correspondence. We prioritize placing qualified, responsible tenants and take a proactive management approach that prevents costly problems and protects your property’s value. And our preferred network of workers and contractors perform high quality work at a lower cost, saving you money.
    • We started out as property investors, so we understand the importance of being a trusted ally and partner. Good communication and responsive, professional customer service are our top priorities. We offer 24-hour access to property reports and information through our online owner’s portal, and we’re always happy to personally answer questions or concerns.

Gordon James has a simple, straightforward fee structure without hidden fees, startup costs or vendor mark-ups. And our owners typically find our efficient management approach more cost-effective than self management. Find out more about our management services for rental homes or contact us today.